Adult Foster Care Services Across Minnesota

At Home Living is an adult foster care services company committed to serving people who have disabilities and challenges associated with mental health, brain injuries, intellectual or developmental disabilities. Additionally, many of our homes are handicap accessible allowing us to offer a comfortable home environment to meet everyone’s needs.

A Place to Call Home While Learning to Thrive

We provide adult foster care services in a cozy home environment. Our residents feel comfortable and secure while living in a setting that’s tailored uniquely to them and their needs. We staff our homes 24/7, and we ensure each staff member delivers personalized, person-centered services.

While residents are with us, we aim to help build self-esteem and true independence. It is not enough for our residents to live—we want them to thrive!

For each resident, we emphasize a variety of individualized services, such as the following:

  • Teaching real-life skills for greater independence
  • Encouraging the development of relationships and other softs skills for improved support systems
  • Participating in community activities and social recreation for increased connections
  • Managing medication for residents until they can do so on their own
  • Providing safe, secure living facilities to provide greater peace of mind

Truly, it is our goal to take part in helping our residents reintegrate into the community. We do this by delivering caring, comforting, supportive, active lifestyles.

Carefully Considered Adult Foster Care Placements

It is extremely important to us that our residents feel completely comfortable with their room, their house-mates and their community-at-large. We go to great lengths to personalize our interview and placement process so that we can match the right personalities among both roommates and care providers.

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